Saturday, June 18, 2011

On a Side Note!!

I am feeling like I have been on three days of Solumedrol and for those of you who might need help with the reference I totally feel about 90% on three days of IVSM. The only problem with IVSM is not only the harm it does to your body but it only lasts me about a week if I am lucky =0( Only this is not IVSM...this is my liberation, holy crap do you mean this feeling, this WONDERFUL INDEPENDENCE from most of my MS symptoms feeling I have will last longer then a week??? Did I win the lottery?? Pinch me cause I think I might be dead...Nope still here!!! Well then what did I do to deserve this?? Please tell me because I NEVER want it to end. More poor husband has had to listen to me gloating on and on about this for one, two, three days now. Thursday I went downstairs to bring the trash out and one of my neighbors had decided to do the same thing, so we both threw our trash away and started walking back to the apartment building, I noticed I went right past her and up the stairs with such fluidity I amazed myself. I didn't once have to think about putting one foot in front of the other as usual it just sort of happened. Maybe she was tired, maybe she was daydreaming...whatever the case may be I beat her back to the building. Not that she was racing me, or me her but the simple fact that unintentionally I was able to walk faster then someone without known walking problems, made my day!! Later on I had to go to the super market to get a few things, then went into another store to get a couple more things, came home and carried a 24 pack of beer up the stairs without and I repeat WITHOUT pinballing off the stair rails. Matter of fact I did not even run into the rails once...smiles from ear to ear as I came into the apartment, ohh and did I mention I live in FL where it is 96 degrees and sunny?!?! Well then I had an appointment or what I thought was a scheduled appointment, foolish me because when I got to the building the Doctor had already gone home...weird not even a phone call. Ohhh well, I then came home and climbed the stairs once again to cool off in the air condition. Then after 30-40 min of cooling off I ran to the dealership to see about getting my oil such luck because I was not waiting an hour and half on a Thursday afternoon at 3pm...Nope!! Soo home again, with another climb up the stairs to the apartment, and yes it is still 96 degrees in Florida ;0) Well I was feeling a little frisky so I went into my room and grabbed a pair of wedge heels that had been sitting in my closet collecting dust for ohhh say 6 years. I decided to try them on and OHhhhHHH Mayyyaaaa GawwwwWWdddDD I could walk in them and not just high concentration, one foot in front of the other...but there was actual Struttung going on!!! YAY I heard my phone go off so I walked from the bedroom to the living room with the wedges on, grabbed my phone, headed into the kitchen to get some water. I started texting my GF and before I knew it, I was walking back into the living room WHILE.....WHILE Texting. Hello I was wearing 2 inch wedges walking and texting at the same time, best part, I didn't even trip or stumble it was Amazing!!!

Today Saturday June 18th 2011...10 days after liberation I went to the beach with my husband. Now normally I fricken hate going to the beach because I have to walk a mile to get to the actual beach and then a half a mile walk to find an empty space =0( Not to mention I can't go into the water without my hubby holding my hand like he was walking a 100 year old across the street because of the imbalance issues. Ohh and the way back to the car was always a nightmare because my legs were soo exhausted, I would generally end up crying from frustration on my way back...Needless to say, going to the beach was much more of a hassle then it was ever worth!! However today was different...10 days after liberation and I was able to proudly walk that mile strip to the beach without having anxiety attacks about people walking behind me. I walked that sand and found a spot to lay our was hot so we had to go into the ocean. Joe had to still take my hand because I'm not perfect, wasn't like walking a 100 yr old across the street!!! I could actually stand up in thigh high water with the waves beating against me and I didn't stumble or collapse...YAY Me!!! We spent an hour at the beach and decided to call it a day...Uhhh ohhh here comes the dreadful part of walking back to the car =0( Wait...what...I was walking back through the sand, up the ramp to the sidewalk (strip), washed my feet off and said to heck with it, I'm going to walk bare foot back to the car. It felt right and what a right feeling it was... normally tears would start flowing and forget barefoot, I would of broke my damn toe from catching it on the cement sidewalk (strip). Before I knew it I was half way back to the car walking at a complete normal pace and no foot catching at all!! AhhhHHHHhhhhHH YAY...what is this about placebo again cuz I'm soo damn happy about actual results I forgot what this placebo stuff they talk about is?!?!?! =0) I came home from that beach trip showered and went to Lowes with my husband. We walked around Lowes for about 5 min covering the length of the store. When we got home I decided I was going to completely hand wash and move all the stuff on my lanai all by my self. How great it really feels to be able to do things for myself again...How miraculously, effin, wonderful it feels to Finally be LIBERATED from this monster!!! I'm not going to count my chickens...I'm just going to be very thankful for what I have been able to regain from this procedure and let the cards fall where they may!!! Thank you God, Dr. Arslan, My husband Joe, and all the people from FB who have helped me fulfill this dream come true!! <3 U All!!


  1. I can totally relate. There are days when I'm thankful for the smallest things...walking around the grocery store without limping, having energy left over for the "extras" in life. Oh, it's so amazing. I've still had days where things aren't as good, but they're still better than the best days that I used to have! I thank God all the time for the liberation treatment. It feels so great to have some of your life back after you felt like you lost it! You might want to take it easy...many people suggest that you don't give in to the "I feel better so I'm going to do everything that I haven't been able to do for a weekend" temptations! I'm so happy for you.
    Rachel (mshopeforhealing on youtube)

  2. Awesome! I had mine done 1/25/2011 and almost 5 months later I am still doing great.