Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One week later

Well I have hit my one week mark and the pain has finally more percocet (sad face). I made my one week post video yesterday and I was astonished by the difference in the two videos (before and after). I guess I really haven't noticed anything substantial because I am living with the constant reminder of this disease. However it was nice to see that the surgery did do some good, especially after all I went through. I have talked to a couple people who have told me it gets better after 1-2-3 months and I really hope that what their saying is truthful as far as my body is concerned. As of one week post surgery I really cannot make a decision on whether it would be worth going back and getting this done again. I do however want to say that I am soo very glad I initially went through with the procedure, because I would hate to live with the regret of not knowing how or if it would work for me. It does work and I will be one to admit it is not placebo. I don't feel Pre-MS as of now, but I do feel different, and I don't believe the feeling that is happening inside my body is something a placebo could ever accomplish. I really did not go into this liberation thing with any expectations, if anything, I'm a pessimist and figured it would not do anything for me. I try to be as hopeful as possible but that pessimism always takes hold and I revert back to, me thinking "this is the most relief I am going to feel". We shall see...God knows this disease is certainly not going anywhere and all I have is time on my side, so I shall wait and see if there are any future results. I'll be the first to admit, although I am extremely happy for everyone that has had miraculous results, I'm also extremely envious, as I'm sure people who are much worse off, are envious of me. I dream of the days when I could bounce down the steps and run to the mailbox with no concentration on if my legs were going to correlate with my body. Now I have to think about every step I take and whether my feet are going to catch on the surface and if they will move forward like my brain is telling them to do. I know there are people out there that know exactly what I am talking about...its a sad reality for us, but it is still a reality that we can't dwell on. By keeping this journal I just want to let others know that you do not have to sit there and do nothing nor do you have to settle for one doctor's opinion! It is sooo very important to be your own advocate and push forward to get the care you need and rightfully deserve. One has to realize that neurologists are nerve specialist and they cannot determine the best care for a vein problem, ect..... Regardless if it works perfectly or even at all you need to know there are options, and although not many, they are still there.

Anyways getting back to the drop foot is still there unfortunately which means that there is some tightness still going on. Seeing I have been on the percocet I have not been able to take much of anything else, so I'm going on a little testing binge with baclofen, anti-anxiety meds, xanax, and my supplements to see if it changes anything. If I had to pin point what the surgery has done, which others might be able to compare themselves too, I would say its like getting 1 day worth of steroid injections with IV solumedrol. Now there are times when I feel close to perfect by day three of my injections so yeah I would say it feels like one day of steroids. It's not an exact match but it’s the closest comparison I can come up with. Enough rambling for now I will update in another week or so, unless something significantly changes btw now and then!!!

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